It appears that neither importing comments via CSV, JSON or via REST API POST supports the transition of Issue INTERNAL comments (i.e. for service desk team only)… Nor is there a POST ‘onbehalfof’ ability at least in the REST API. This is a MAJOR concern for our company as we are heading toward live migration soon and have a large number of issues containing INTERNAL comments. We have resolved most other hurdles but these two things are show stoppers. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PROVIDE A ‘REASONABLE’ SOLUTION?

WHY ARE YOU SCREAMIIIIIING??? Just letting you know that this is a community forum so if you want people helping you that’s probably not the way to go… :slight_smile:

I guess as a dirty workaround you could use the REST API to create your comments as one user and simply mention the original creator in the first line. If you want to create the comment as a user I think you’ll want to look at user impersonation.

Apologies for SCREAMING, didn’t really mean to. I’ve been pulling my hair out for 2 weeks trying to get this solved. I finally got the ‘INTERNAL’ comment issue working via REST API. BTW, I’m using Ruby and the jira-ruby gem: this is how I coded the post in Ruby: comment.save!({:body => @user_comment, “properties” => [{“key” => “sd.public.comment”,“value” => {“internal”:@public}},]}) the @public variable is set to either true or false depending on the comment source.

I will go look at the ‘user impersonation’ link you included. BTW, my original solution was just as your ‘dirty work around’ suggested, but our migration team is pressing for a cleaner solution.

Thanks for you reply, and I’ll watch the SCREAMING from now on.

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