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Hi, I’m Andy, Developer and Vendor (The Plugin People).

I see content that came over from questions, and specifically, one I answered on questions, but that is not answered here. So:

Is ALL the content here ‘live’ or just some of it? Do responses to answers import data also get sent out?
Is this site synced with answers - can we answer ‘here’ and be done? Should we continue to use answers?


Hey Andy,

Welcome aboard.

No content from Atlassian Answers is migrated into this community.
If you see a question here and on Atlassian Answers, it has been posted twice.

Due to the fact that Atlassian Answers is going away, there is no syncing between communities.
See for more information around the end of Atlassian Answers.

Any developer questions should be asked and answered here as they will not be migrated from Atlassian Answers into the Developer Community.

Non-developer questions can still be asked in Atlassian Answers and will be migrated to the new community on April 3rd.


I am 100 % owner of the i4ware Software and are Atlassian Add-on Vendor.


Hey everyone,

I’m James, an Ecosystem Engineering developer at Atlassian. These days I’m working on but before that I mostly worked on the cloud add-on platform for JIRA and Confluence.

I used to work at the Sydney office but now I’m based out of a home office in Tasmania, Australia. I live much closer to the beach than I did in Sydney, so I’ve enthusiastically picked up surfing. The water’s cold, but there’s not too much competition for the waves :slight_smile:



I’m Justin. I do administration and plugin development internally for Atlassian products at CCAD LLC a Comcast/Arris JV. Been at it for 10+ years. I also wrote cavatar or cas or whatever people call it these days. It serves confluence avatars as a gravatar replacement behind the firewall. Also my questions don’t get answered often so feel free to say idk so I at least get some mail :wink:


Hello :slight_smile:
I am Lyubo, from Bulgaria. iOS Developer. At work we use Jira, Confluence & BitBucket.

Meanwhile I am working on my own projects. And I have a question regarding one of them :slight_smile:

Using whole title "Jira" or syllables of it in other projects' name

Hey Everyone.

I’m Ian Ragudo, and I am part of Atlassian’s Developer Advocacy team based in Philippines. My current focus is to make the ecosystem developers’ lives a bit better by answering queries.

I am fond of solving problems, making things work, and reading Manga. Prior to joining Atlassian, I was a Scrum master and a developer (wide array of languages, from SmallTalk to Scala).


Hello Everyone!

I am a long time Atlassian (Just made 10 years!) working out of the Sydney office. I am the Team Lead for the Confluence Cloud Ecosystem team. If you’re writing add-ons for Confluence Cloud, chances are we’ve already met. If you are, and we haven’t met, come say hello at AtlasCamp.

Outside of Atlassian I am also a very enthusiastic computer gamer, and sports fan. I follow most forms of sports (especially cricket), feel free to drop me a message.



TIL that @mjensen is a sports fan. I did not know that about you!



I’m Aron from Midori.

I have the “usual” story: I started to build add-ons mostly for fun more than 10 years ago when Atlassian was a small, but promising team out of Australia. The add-ons turned much (much-much) more successful than I ever imagined, and today we a real business based in sunny Budapest.

I’m really proud of being a part of the community, and I can’t be thankful enough for Mike, Scott and co. for building this healthy ecosystem around the Atlassian products.

Keep up the great work!


Hi! I’m Anne Calantog from Manila and I work on the Developer Advocacy team. My goal is to help and support developers from the Atlassian ecosystem, and hopefully making it easier for them :slight_smile: I’m very passionate about open source stuff and platform development. Outside work, I play a lot of PS4, experiment with new tech, and drink beer.

Nice meeting you all!


Hi! I’m Gavin. I live in Vancouver Canada Eh!

By day I work at Sauce Labs. I worked on many of the external integrations including hipchat and jira. I’m now moving towards building tools for our internal users, so I’m playing around a lot more heavily with jira again. I had a blast at atlas camp last year and hope to be able to go again at some point.

At home, I also tend to PC game, hack hack hack on random projects and starting to get back into biking places. I try to release everything I can as open source.


Hi everyone!
I’m Andrew and I’m part of Atlassian’s Ecosystem team. I’ve been a technical writer at Atlassian (Sydney) for nearly 10 years now, so you may have seen my name before. I’m excited that we’re making the developer experience better and hope to do my part by creating great documentation experiences.
I have two young kids, so I don’t get to have hobbies anymore :wink: Before kids, I loved reading, playing video games (World of Warcraft), and watching/playing pretty much any sport (especially basketball and Aussie rules footbal).


Hello everyone. I’m a new Atlassian on the Ecosystem team – specifically focusing on Developer Experience, which involves what you see on, the developer community sites (i.e. this forum), as well as developer advocacy, outreach and support. I’m based in the SF Bay Area.

Prior to Atlassian, I worked at Poynt (smart payment terminals with a platform) as head of apps ecosystem and marketplace, Runscope (API testing and monitoring), and Intel / Mashery (API management). Prior to all of that, I did a fair share of development and founded several companies, that in most cases relied on platforms/APIs.

I’m very excited to work with this vibrant developer/partner community!


Hello everyone! I’m a developer who’s coding some addons for the Atlassian Confluence (Server and Cloud). It’s mostly inhouse stuff, but eventually we’re looking for public releases.

I have a CS bachelors degree (am eventually going back to school to get my masters) and I prefer backend over frontend but I do both.

When I’m not coding or studying, I try to workout as much as I can. I used box on a high level and I guess I’m planning on doing it again, but injuries keep me in check (and thank goodness, too. I have no business being in the ring anymore).

When I really feel like relaxing I’ll just vegetate in the sofa in front of a great video game or movie/tv-show.

And that’s me! Looking forward to spend time here


Welcome Alexander. You’ll find that it’s hard to resist the urge to go public with an add-on, once you hit on the Perfect Product Idea. All the best with your endeavours in add-on development, and thanks for introducing yourself.


Welcome aboard @alexander.sopov :slight_smile:


Hello mates!
I’m a brazilian solution developer, project manager and entreprener. I’m amazed by Atlassian plataform, also by maketplace and plugins provided by it. I’m a beginner as a developer for Atlassian Platform, but I have more than 20 years on IT market. My company already has solutions on other platforms.

My bachelor degree is Computer Science, and I have an MBA in IT Strategic Management. My major work nowadays is manager projects to my clients, working as a team builder and project manager. I’m obsessed by metrics and kpis, even when I’m surfing, I’m counting waves per minutes, measuring the highs, on a weeks, on months and stuffs like that.

I had experienced the JIRA at one of our partners who is an Atlassian partner at Brazil, and as a solution provider to this partner, I was amazed at the potential of the JIRA REST API. It’s awesome what we can do with it. After that we, on my company, decide to be part of this, developing some plugins.

So here I am.
It’s awesome to be here.


Welcome to the developer community @charles.almeida , I hope you’ll have a great experience and will unleash the potential of our API’s !


Hello everyone,
I realized I never introduced myself since I first logged in so here we go.
I’m Francesco from GetConnected, an Italian solution partner and marketplace vendor.
I work as a developer for our Atlassian business unit, focusing mainly on server-oriented plugins.
My big challenge for 2018 is to give birth to the cloud counterparts of our marketplace addons, so wish me luck :smiley:

Nice to meet you all!