Introducing a new metric for Forge apps - Invocation time

Hi everyone,

Starting from today, Forge app developers will see a new metric for their Forge apps called invocation time. Invocation time represents the time it takes for each function under the handler field in the app manifest.yml file to successfully complete an invocation.

The chart shows the distribution of invocation time as a histogram across different time buckets. The time is measured from inside the AWS lambda, and does not include cold start, but it includes the time it took for the lambda initialization phase to complete. In the majority of cases, the initialization phase has a negligible impact on how invocation time is measured.

Additionally app developers can now group all Forge metrics by function, Including the invocation time.

When you use the Group chart by function, the chart shows a maximum of 6 buckets. If your app has more than 5 functions, the chart will show the invocation time for 5 of the functions, with the additional functions bundled together under ‘All other functions’. However, we are also introducing a detailed view of the invocation time metric which is accessible through the Go to detailed view link below the invocation time chart. Within the detailed view you can see the individual invocation time for each function in the table below the chart, including when your app has 5+ functions.

Note, on Monday at 1.30 am UTC we started ingesting invocation time data for app versions which were deployed before a runtime change introduced in March 2022. If you have customers running an old version of your app, you will see only ~4 days worth of invocation time data initially, but this will build up over time. For all other versions you should be able to access the full 14 days worth of data.

As always, feel free to share any feedback you may have!


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