Introducing Forge app alerts and error count per site

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Starting from today, the owners of Forge apps will start receiving email alerts every time the invocation success rate dips to 99% or bellow. The drop in the success rate should last at least 5 minutes for the alert to be triggered. We have limited the alerts to 1 per 24 hours.

Note that the alert will be sent to the app owner’s email and initially app owners will not be able to add a different email to receive the alert or change the metric threshold. If you find the emails a bit noisy and want to temporarily mute them you can do that through the developer console.

This is the first version of the alerting feature and we will keep building on top of it.

Error count per site

Today we also released a new detailed view of your app’s invocation errors! We understand that checking the sites one by one to find those with the most errors/lowest success rate can be time-consuming, especially for apps with hundreds of installations. So starting from today, you can access a new screen that shows site-specific information about your app’s invocation errors.

Your feedback will be crucial for prioritising any new features so please feel free to share it whenever it suits you.

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Thanks for the update! Am I correct in understanding that we’ll get one email per 24hr time period per Atlassian Cloud instance that has the app installed and the invocation success rate is below 99%? So if 3 customers are affected then we’ll get 3 emails and if 2000 customers are affected we’ll get 2000 emails?

Are there plans to let us configure the threshold? If not, please can you add that to your backlog?

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hi @jbevan,

Thanks for reaching out! The alert is based on the aggregated invocation success rate metric across all installations. There will be only 1 email per 24h regardless of the number of instances. We will make sure to revisit the documentation to ensure this is clear.

Do you see a use case where you would rather configure an alert for a specific instance?

Threshold configuration sits high in our list of priorities, likely going to be added to the next iteration of the feature.

Thank you for your feedback!



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Hi everyone,

Today we have released 3 improvements to the alerting experience. You can:

What’s next?
With the next release of alerts you will be able to configure the alert threshold.

As always, we are interested in any feedback you have. Please feel free to comment your thoughts below or DM me.

Kind regards,

Angelina Ignatova

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