Introducing GraphQEllo - An alternate Trello API

Tired of the same old REST API? Want to get an entity with all of its children… and their children… and their children… etc?

Say no more. GraphQEllo is the answer!

GraphQEllo allows you to access all of your Trello data via an easy-to-use GraphQL API.

About a year ago (while this community was still on Slack), I asked the devs about the possibility of moving to a GraphQL API instead of REST. The answer was a flat, “That’s not on our roadmap.” I recently asked again about it, and again the answer was no.

So, I built it myself.

It currently supports the vast majority of things you can do via the REST API: just about anything you might need an automation job to do.

So head over to GraphQEllo and check it out!


Trello’s API makes a perfect fit for GraphQL, indeed, I always think that, and your implementation is exactly what it should be, but I would be unsure of going with your approach if I was going to build important things on it only because it’s a third-party.

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Are you considering it a security risk? GraphQEllo is actually more secure than Trello’s API.

  • Uses OAuth 2 (powered by Auth0) whereas Trello uses OAuth 1.
  • All data sourced from Trello is pass-through direct to the caller; never stored externally.
  • All credentials data is stored with Auth0.

Additionally, there are a bunch of extensions (power-ups) that millions of people authorize to access their data all the time. This is just an extension… just over the API instead of the website.