Introduction of paid advertising in the Marketplace

I just answered the survey sent by Atlassian to the marketplace vendors and some questions were targeting our interest on paid advertising and reserved spots on the page.

I’m really curious to know if that’s something requested by the vendors or if it’s another way to get more out of the vendors? :wink:

If Atlassian intends to move toward that I would like know more about how they think they will implement this before actually seeing it implemented. For example, would it be a bidding war between vendors to get their app on these spots? That will definitely advantage the bigger vendors. Will there be some limitations to the exposure in term of time so that other vendors can share the spotlight?

Any thoughts on this?


This is a very old issue created by Connie Kwan (an ex-employee at Atlassian) a lot of time ago. I’ve searched for this on the Atlassian’s Jira instance, but it looks like deleted. It was an issue of type “Idea” that looks like no longer supported.

I’ve read your question and I 99% agree your analysis, but, sorry, IMHO it is better for smaller vendors: the best stage for no top vendors is that top vendors oversature customers with an annoying and repetitive infinite loop of same names. Finally, this will have just the opposite effect, and customers will ignore such kind of valuless marketing intuitively and discover apps by their selves.

@pablo, Connie might have brought it up some times ago but the survey I answered is just a few days old so the idea is coming back to the spotlight :slight_smile:

Hey @pablo,
could you shed more light on to how is this going to fix oversaturation exactly? In my understanding, If @yvesriel is correct this feature would result in the extra spot for the bigger players.

This would be a bad idea,

If there is a gap between users and vendors, the way to bridge it is to educate, empower and support users, so that they have a better understanding of what solution, advice or tools they need to improve their use of Atlassian platforms.

The answer is not to make vendors compete against each other further to gain the attention of users.

Instead of asking “How can we connect vendors to users more effectively?” we should ask “How can we enable users to understand their Atlassian requirements better?” If we can answer that question, that will empower users to seek out useful vendor tools or services themselves.

The Marketplace already contains plenty of information about 3rd party add-ons, but it assumes users already understand what they need when offten they don’t.


Apple has paid search for App Store and what Atlassian is trying to do is similar. Apple also said it will help indie developers but I couldn’t find any data to support or contradict it. I think the Marketplace needs improvements for app discoverability. If it will be implemented, Atlassian should make some optimization similar to what Apple is doing with paid search;

  • If a user is logged in to the marketplace, the apps the user already purchased should not be shown to user in paid advertising or reserved spot regardless of how much vendor pays per click.
  • Above statement is also valid for current Staff Picks section. One more problem with this section is, it is rotating nearly the same set of apps.
  • If users aren’t clicking an ad for a given app, that ad should be demoted.
    Some other questions:
  • Will vendors be allowed to bid on other vendors product name?
  • Will you provide a tool to view search volume of each keyword, or keyword combination.

We recently became aware that an individual not associated with Atlassian sent an e-mail survey to many of our Marketplace vendors.

The e-mail, which was sent within the last seven days, was from “Marketplace Feedback” with the subject line “Need your feedback on Atlassian Marketplace”.

This e-mail survey was not sent by Atlassian, nor approved by our company. If you received this e-mail, please disregard and delete it, and instruct other individuals at your company to do the same.

We are continuing to investigate the issue. We do not have more information to share at this time, but will publish updates in our Security Alerts developer community category as more information becomes available.

Thank you,

Peter Van de Voorde


Hello @pvandevoorde,

What will happen with vendors like @yvesriel who filled the survey information, with “confidential” information, I assume? Isn’t that represent a huge security gap for them and the Marketplace? :thinking:

Thanks for this information, and ahead for the reply!

@huwen.arnone, while I’m mad at myself for falling for that :frowning: the questions asked were kind of innocent and used a 1 to 5 ranking system. Maybe one or two open ended questions and I don’t think that they can reuse something like that, at least not for me. I also don’t recall having to enter any personal info or account password or I wouldn’t have filled it.

Honestly, now with @pvandevoorde saying that it wasn’t from them. It kind of looks like someone wanted to gather some numbers on things that they would like to push forward … a private agenda of some sort.

@pvandevoorde, now that this has happened. What will be the steps taken by Atlassian to make sure that we’re aware that we have an official survey on our hands. Maybe a simple announcement on this board before a survey is sent? I, for one, will not answer another Atlassian survey until I get some type of announcement about it’s authenticity first :slight_smile: Also, can you confirm us that there was no personal information gathered by the survey beside potentially the adress email and IP?

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Thanks for the information, @yvesriel!

Hi @yvesriel,

First off: no personal information except for your email address was gathered.

Second: we are looking into how we can avoid something like this in the future, as soon as we have decided on next steps we’ll post about it in the developer community.