Invalid Objectid when creating card from Google Calendar with

I created a bot from Google calendar events to be added to a board and a list. I get a report that the creation of the card failed because of an “invalid objectid”

I assume that the problem exists with the ID of the board or the ID of the list. But I am not able to find any reference to this issue.

Can you share more on what the bot looks like from the side? That error message isn’t enough to determine why this error is occurring, unfortunately. I’m not super familiar with how works - it might be worth reaching out to their support team as well.

Here are screenshots of the bot settings.

Thanks, this was helpful. I’ve been able to reproduce on my own account.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is an error on’s side as they control the way their app uses Trello’s API. I’ve reached out to them myself, but I’d also recommend that you reach out to their support team and reference this conversation.

Thank you so much for your assistance. I did look for a way to contact but was unable to find a way to report a bug. Could you advise me on how to contact them?

Yeah, I’m not seeing a support email. Maybe try sending one off to and It also looks like they use Intercom to pop open a chat once you are logged in; you could also try making contact there.

Hi guys,

Sarah here from Thank you @bentley for helping @williamTuffin with this issue and bringing this to our notice.

Our team had a look at the issue and noticed that it’s throwing the invalid Objectid error as ‘Event Creator Email’ output field is being passed in the ‘Card members id’ input field.


@williamTuffin: The correct way to do this would be to pass the ‘Card members id’ in this field or selecting a value from the dropdown list.

If the issue persists, please contact us via the in-app chat or write to us on and we’ll help you in setting up the bot.



Thank you. It is fixed now. But it would be nice to have the event creator’s id added to the card as it will automatically allow them to be a card member. Is there a workaround?