iPaaS software to integrate on premise system with Jira Cloud

Hello everyone,

my team and I are using Jira Cloud and we need to integrate an on premise system to it.
I was wondering if you guys know an iPaaS provider/software that allows to integrate an on premise system (server system) to Jira Cloud? Thank you in advance!

Hi @WilliamMarcia,

I read your question so that you’d like to synchronize issues between your Jira and the other one, correct? Or do you talk about some other sort of integration?
If this is the case, you can check out the various issue sync apps in the Atlassian marketplace. They all offer to synchronize issues between different Jira instances - and you’re able to configure/script different rules in order to control what exactly will be synchronized to the other instance.

I’m part of the team behind Backbone Issue Sync. So I guess, I’m biased to give recommendations. If you have some concrete questions, you’d like to follow-up or want to get a demo, you can also let our support team know via help@k15t.com.
Or ask them here, and I’d be happy to answer as well.