Is anyone manning the Marketplace support desk?

@ayarazarvi, what is the current response time for Marketplace Approvals (the DC version of the app)

I have two apps waiting for approval since Aug 8th, would appreciate if these apps were approved before September 3rd. It’s about AMKTHELP-18055 and AMKTHELP-18221.

Hello everybody!

Next week, one of my tasks will be one year old! :slight_smile:

And there is one more recent:

Support guys, please help :frowning:

Hi @CalendarJIRA,


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Atlassian Marketplace staff- We recently posted 2 AMKTHELP tickets for which we have not received any response from Atlassian. That help desk provides no way to escalate issues that Atlassian is ignoring, so we’re asking for your attention here on the following issues:

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@jlau2, @WarrenChen, Atlassian Marketplace staff

This page has become a monthly destination just to get any response from Atlassian to AMKTHELP tickets. This is unacceptable. Does your team have any pledged SLA response times on servicing AMKTHELP requests? How many days do you think is reasonable for partners to wait for an initial response from Atlassian?

Please have someone promptly address this open ticket:

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@jlau2 , @WarrenChen I completely agree with @davidg

We opened issue on May, 19th, 2020 because a customer of us has a problem. NO response from Atlassian since then.

I have an App that has been waiting three weeks for approval. Can anyone at Atlassian please look at which has been updated with another release (