Is Atlassian removing option to upload the plugin directly on server beyond EOL?

Confluence server has option to upload jar app directly on instance. Can customers use this option to install jar? Will this option available beyond EOL?

Hi @RoliT,

The server software doesn’t change once installed, so yes customers can upload a .jar file if you create one for them.


This feels like an incomplete answer, because although the Server software does not change when installed, UPM might? Customers could theoretically still use the upload button to update UPM to the latest version.

Given that manual uploading of Data Center apps will remain an option, I expect that the UPM will not be removing the manual upload feature, however, I guess the real question is: will UPM be updated to disallow installing Server apps?

Yes, that’s right Remie, I want to know if UPM be updated to disallow installing Server apps?

No, it will still allow uploads. The blocker is that you won’t be able to licence new Server apps.

Sure you can. You can roll your own licensing