Is it possible to access issue details in Confluence without installing an app on Jira?

Our app looks up Jira Issues from the confluence calendar. So we are forced to install it on Jira as well as Confluence as of now.

Today we came across the documentation below:

“The Forge platform lets developers build apps that are compatible with multiple products.

However, the Marketplace doesn’t currently support cross-product apps. If your app is compatible with multiple products, you’ll need to create two Forge apps using the same code base, and publish two separate listings on the Marketplace. Note, Forge apps listed on the Marketplace aren’t able to make API calls across different products and instances/installations.”

  1. Does this mean we have to submit two different versions of our App one for Jira and one for Confluence ?
  2. May I please know how the licensing would work in that case?
  3. Is it possible for us to customize that App in such a way that by default it works for only Confluence (and needs to be installed in Conf alone), where fetching Jira Issues is NOT applicable…
    Only when the customer chooses they can install the Jira version of the App as well and get the additional feature of fetching Jira Issues in to confluence?
    4.How should we setup the scopes in our manifest file in such as case?*

This is our first time dealing with such a unique scenario. We would really appreciate any support you can offer.

Here is information:

  • I have developed a Confluence plugin that allows access to Jira Issues and Users. The image below illustrates the scopes I am utilizing for this integration.

  • Using these scopes, I am able to retrieve data from Jira and display it in Confluence. However, during the installation of the app on Confluence, it prompts for installation on Jira as well. Is there an alternative method to access this Issue and User details without installing the app on Jira?