Is it possible to add a custom full page view to customer portal?

Hi Team,

I am trying to develop a plugin for jira service desk and facing a challenge to get full page view for my plugin item display on customer portal. I have gone through list of context it is pretty limited. Is there something like generalpages on customer portal .

Hey Vishwajeet,

This page lists the Jira Service Desk UI modules available for the customer portal. There doesn’t appear to be a module that enables you to render a “full page” iframe available at this time. I can also confirm that this isn’t something on the near-term roadmap, so unfortunately I can’t provide any further context on when something like this might be available.

If you’re happy to share some context on your exact use case, this will help us prioritize this when evaluating this feature request for consideration.


Hi Simon,
Thank you you revert, I was looking to add a page for rendering some details which are being fetched from some thirdparty system. Currently available placeholders do not suffice due to lack of space.

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Thanks for this context @VishwajeetSingh. I’ve passed this request on to the JSD team for consideration, although unfortunately I can confirm that there are still no near-term plans for this - so please do consider if any available modules can (imperfectly) solve for your use case if at all possible.