Is it possible to add a non-editble comment by Trello API?

Hello Everyone,

I am creating a custom power up. In the power up we will send some data to our platform and send the acknowledgement to user by adding a comment in card.

I am looking for a way to add the comment as non editable by any member of the board. Also it would be great if this comment can be added by the name of my power up.

I am new to the trello power up. Could anyone please guide me how to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance.

Hello @SimantKumar

It is not possible, because board Members can edit comments. Only Guests can’t edit comments.

Do a Google search for “Trello lock comments” for the answer to where this question has been asked many times before.

Also, refer to the Commenting permissions section in the Trello documentation for the information about changing who is allowed to comment on the cards on a board.

Hey @sunnyape

Thank you so much for your fast response. I will check answers for “Trello lock comments”.
Could you help me with one more question if possible.

Is it possible to add a comment on Card as a Bot or by the name of PowerUp?

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Right now when I add a comment by Trello API, It shows the name of the users with the comment whose token was used in API call. Can I replace this name with Bot Name or something else.

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Hello @SimantKumar

As described in the Trello REST API Authorization documentation, all actions performed via the API are done using a key / token that is ‘owned’ by a user, and it is that user who is recorded in the logs and in the GUI as having performed that action. You cannot over-ride who is recorded as performing actions via the REST API to be anyone else other than the owner of the key / token associated with the action.

Yes, if you did choose to create a special user account that was specifically only for performing ‘bot’ actions via the REST API then, of course, that account is the one that will appear as having performed any associated actions, which is also specifically described in the documentation…

“Because the API key is tied to the user, it is often a good idea to create a Trello user specifically for building a single application or integration. This ensures that a third-party’s integration is disassociated from a third-party integration’s developer’s Trello account.”

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Hello @sunnyape
Thank you so much for this clear explanation.

If the answers I’ve provided are correct, can you please mark them as such.