Is it possible to always show a webpanel in the Jira new issue view?

The difficulty I see is that if the functionality is hidden behind the … of the quick add buttons then it is hard to discover. Our webpanel will always have some content.
Failing this can we set the icon for the quick add button? Will the quick add button for our panel start to always show if people use it a lot?



You might be interested in a new feature we’ve just released.
We’ve added a new field in the Issue Content module, called contentPresentConditions. You can add a list of conditions on that field, and if the conditions resolve to true, the issue content will be displayed by default for that issue. Users will still be able to collapse the content if they don’t want to see it.
The docs for the new field can be found here:
And the docs for the conditions that can be used on that field are here:

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Thanks that does what we need for the new Issue view. How would we also show content in the old Issue view such that it doesn’t appear twice in the new view? In other words can we use Issue Content module in new views and something like Web Panel in old views?