Is it possible to call the standard issue-link-dialog via a custom web item (using scriptrunner)


I would like to define a Web Item (button at the Opsbar top level - using scriptrunner) to call the “standard” link dialog for linking issues to other issues (reaching at the “More” menu). The main reasons are:

  • we use several link types in our use cases and I made the experiences that for some users it is difficult to use the right link direction -> thus I would like to define explicit buttons and a specific value for the link type (in best case read only so that the user is not able to use another link type).

  • on the other side I would like to participate on the advantages of the “normal” link dialog, especially the search features.

I have been successful in the implementation of the dialog example documented in the scriptrunner documentation. But as I mentioned I will not implement the very good features of the link dialog redundant if there is a possibility to use the standard dialog too.

And that’s my question: Is it possible to call this dialog by clicking on a custom web item? And in case it is possible, how?

Thanks in advance,


PS: due to the fact that my first attempt to send this question failed in the “normal” community it might be that this question is redundant - if so, I apologize.