Is it possible to connect jira projects to separate databases?


I’ve tried to find some information if is it possible to create a few databases for different projects in the Jira and connect them to each other?

For example, I have two departments and they might have different tasks. So I want to create two different projects in the Jira Project-1 and Project-2 and connect them to different databases (DB1 and DB2). Project-1 should connect to DB1 that runs on MySQL and Project-2 should be connected to the DB2 that runs on PostgreSQL. All issues for Project-1 should be written to DB1 and so on. The reason - I want all the data to be separated and I do not want Jira to collect and keep some copy of issues for Project-1 and Projec-2 together.

Is it possible to run Jira in a such way?


You’re probably best asking this question over at the User Community ( That said - no - unless you’re running multiple jira instances.

I agree to @danielwester. Not possible in one instance, but if you really like to achieve that situation set up 2 Jira instances and link them via applink. Not ideal but close enough. Maybe you can add even some extra menu items with some apps to make switching projects easier and some other links to make changing Jira easier if you need to switch a lot.

I tried to google before creating a question, so I found this question. Unfortunately, I could not find an answer here…

Yeah… it seems to me that a few instances of Jira required… Thanks!

If you see how many copies of some issues i see in instances you will change your mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally it doesnt make sense to have 2 DBs. Except if you have 2-3 etc. jira instances. Such as also some test instances. And for sure this is not one of the best practices.

Keep it simple , plan correctly the processes with the relavant persons of each department and make good decisions.
Then the projects will run smoothly, even with some copied issues.