Is it possible to create a report in the JSM reports page

We are creating an app for both JSM DC and Cloud. We would like to add a report and ideally it would be found inside the “reports” page within the JSM project (rather than in the project side bar)

For cloud: The JSM modules page does list a report page - and this does make the report appear in JSW projects - but it does not allow it to appear in the JSM project reports.

For DC: We found it was possible to add a link to the project reports link by using the web-item location: ‘sd-queues-addons’ but no way to actually render both the project side bar and the reports side panel so that the report feels like it is in the right place. We have seen many other apps just create a link in the project side bar - but we feel like this is really not ideal. Has anyone implemented this in their apps before and know the magic decorator or way to render the panel?

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