Is it possible to create custom drawers or dynamic submenus in Jira cloud?

The Atlaskit documentation for the Navigation component (left sidebar) describes how to create custom drawers, and nested menus, and other awesome things.

My question is, can I create custom drawers and nested menus in Jira cloud? Thus exposing my own button that resides in the project sidebar for example, and when clicked triggers a drawer, or a submenu I generate?

Hi ademoss, currently facing a similar issue. did you manage to achieve this? and if so would you be able to share how quickly?

@jcheung is this something you or somebody on your team can clarify?

Hi @edwardctaylor1, we did not achieve this. We ended up designing around the issue, by having our own navigation elements and not needing the Jira sidebar.

It’s not the most ideal situation to be honest, but given the lack of documentation on the Navigation elements (and Atlaskit), and the lack of replies from Atlassian on this, we’ve pretty much given up on most Atlaskit related things.

Ah thanks for getting back, yeh I’ve noticed some difficulties with the kit. I’m currently sticking with the express/handlebar JIRA Cloud toolkit which has let me create nested menus inside the left hand menu (similar to settings etc). Not sure if this is what you were also after but happy to run through if it’d still be helpful.

@ademoss / @pvandevoorde / @edwardctaylor1

Creating the custom drawer is only possible if you’re using the navigation component directly in your own application. Creating a custom drawer in Jira Cloud will require an support from the Connect framework.

Tabs or page header are other options to consider.

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