Is it possible to develop Forge app that hides or override default panel or activity

I want to develop Forge app that is activity module same as the history panel with functionality to restrict the data from some groups of users, but is there a way to remove the default tab or somehow to override it, because there is no point of my plugin if the default one reveals all the information. Other ideas will also help, like if there is a way to just hide the default one from groups without creating an app, or somehow to add css in the issue view page from my plugin. And one more question is this possible for the attachments too? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Reneta, you can create display conditions based on whether the user is an admin or a site admin but that is as granular as we support currently.

You will need to handle any more granular rules within your app. So the module won’t be totally hidden, but you could hide the content of the app and display a “you don’t have permission to view this information” (or something) for users who shouldn’t have access.

More dynamic UI modules is something we have on the roadmap for next year. Follow [FRGE-691] - Ecosystem Jira for any updates.


Hello Adam,
Thanks for your suggestion, but I don’t think it will solve the problem. Maybe I should explain in details.
So, I want to hide the default history tab for all users or if is possible for specific users only.
Currently on the server Jira is possible to disable it for all users from Manage app, but I didn’t find such option on Cloud. And I am asking, is it possible to create an app that can override the default history tab it, or hide it, or remove it, or to add in the page somehow css just to make the button not visible.
I can create customized app for the history tab that shows “You don’t have permission” for specific users, but the problem is that they can see the information I am trying to hide from them in the default history tab, and it makes the app useless.
You can see above, I have my plugin hide-history, but I want to override the History.

Right, I understand.

No, it isn’t possible to hide the history tab in cloud. Here’s the open feature request

And unfortunately it’s not possible to do it with an app either. Perhaps it is something that we might support in UI modifications some day but it’s not on the immediate roadmap.

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