Is it possible to get a Basic Auth token from an OAuth 2.0 access token?

I am developing an app that uses the Jira Rest API. I used to just have basic auth implemented and was able to access all of the old v1 endpoints as well as the newer v2 endpoints.

But I recently upgraded my app to use OAuth 2.0, and found out that several of the v1 endpoints I consume do not support OAuth 2.0. Specifically the Board, Epic, and Sprint endpoints documented here:

I see that there is an issue created to add OAuth 2.0 support to those endpoints, here:

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of that happening, but I am also investigating possible short-term solutions until those endpoints get OAuth 2.0 support.

I am curious if there is a way for me to authenticate with the v1 endpoints by using the OAuth 2.0 access token that my app will already have? Either through OAuth 1.0a or Basic HTTP auth?


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Hi @a10lux,

We are currently working to add support for OAuth 2.0 to the resources that don’t support it yet, however, there’s no way to get a basic auth token from an OAuth 2.0 token. An alternative would be to implement as a Connect app where you can make a JWT request that may act as the app or impersonate a user using the ACT_AS_USER scope.