Is it possible to get parent page meta tags?

Hello. I’m developing a Jira Cloud application and I’m trying to figure out the context of the page that I am on. I managed to get the location with AP.getLocation() but a good source of data that I need is in page meta tags.

Is there any way to access those? I’ve tried several ways but they are either blocked with Same-Origin-Policy or they don’t work. I was hoping that there’s some way to do it through AP or AJS.

Hi @DariuszLenart,

I don’t believe we provide a JavaScript API for accessing parent/product frame meta tags and we probably would want to provide an API as general as this. If you need context, there is a context module in the JavaScript API, or you can use context parameters.

In addition, the cacheable app iframes guide has some useful information about using the context API since this feature was introduced as part of cacheable app iframes due to the omission of context parameters when the iframe is cacheable.


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Thank you for reply. I don’t think context parameters can help me achieve what I need but thank you for your input.