Is it possible to hide a card?


By looking at the documentation I dont think this is possible, but is there a way, maybe undocumented, for a powerup to hide a card or a list? Ideally only on the client side.
For example like the “search cards” feature does.

Thanks in advance

There isn’t a way to do this.

Would you mind going into a bit more detail on the use-case? Curious to hear how you might use such a feature.


I’m working on a power-up that would provide a largely customizable filter for Trello data. The filter could then be used to show only filtered data to the user (that’s where the “hide card” feature could come in handy), or used as input to compute some basic numbers. Depending on how you setup the filter, you could for example see the total number of story points put on “bugs” for sprint x.

Do you have any thoughts on that? If so, it would definitely be great to have your opinion.

Thanks for sharing. This is a useful use-case.

The only way I think you could create a user experience similar to what you’re describing is by using card components to build a faux Trello board/client and then you’re in total control. You could do it in a modal and it’d feel kind of like it is happening natively.

All of the filtering that is happening now is handled by the Trello web client. There aren’t any “filter” API endpoints, the client does it all in-memory. We’ve not taken the time to extend hooks into the web client to allow Power-Ups to do some sort of filtering, but its something we talked about.

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