Is it possible to link a portal-only customer account of JSM to IBM Security SOAR for creation and assigning of tickets?

Trying to link IBM Security SOAR to a single portal-only customer account of Jira Service Management via REST API, such that the customer account can be used by the SOAR to:

(1) create new tickets
(2) assign tickets to Jira Agent accounts
(3) close the tickets via the SOAR

This particular portal-only customer account would exist purely for automating request creation, assigning of requests, and closure of requests via the SOAR. (All the other portal-only customer accounts would enable customers to raise requests manually.) Can this be achieved by doing the REST API integration via a portal only customer account, without doing the integration via a licensed user account?

I guess another key question here would be, can a portal-only customer account be given permissions to close requests and assign created requests to JSM Agents? (We are trying to accomplish our required functionalities via an API integration without utilizing any licensed user accounts.)

Any input would be greatly appreciated.