Is it possible to manipulate the response of a webtrigger?

I have set up a WebTrigger on my forge app and have webhook from an external service sending POST notifications to the WebTrigger URL. This works well except for the fact that the external service is sending duplicate POST notifications. My assumption here is that a 200 response is not being sent in the response so the webhook service attempts to send the POST notifications repeatedly until they timeout.

I have consoled the Response and only get the object below. In the docs, it states that the response also includes a statusCode, but maybe this is only accessible from the external service? :

  principal: undefined,
  installContext: 'ari:cloud:jira::site/331b8c75-fed8-49bf-be90-1234567890'

So the question I have is, is there a way to manipulate the response in order to send a 200 status code back to the webhook service to insure no duplicates are sent?