Is it possible to set the homepage via REST API?

Hi there,

We want to create almost 300 similar spaces, with similar pages and homepages via REST API. Creating a space and a page was pretty easy but is it possible to set a page as homepage?

For example:
I have a space with key KUNTEST and within this space is a page with name TESTER. The Space KUNTEST already has an overview page with name Title. Now I want to set the page TESTER as the new homepage or overview site.

According to the documentation, the scheme looks like:
“homepage”: {
“type”: “array”,
“items”: {
“$ref”: “#/definitions/content”
But I do not know how to use it for my purpsoe.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @f.pascariello,

The “$ref”: “#/definitions/content” means that the json object used to define the “homepage” is the content (look at the schema for the definitions). Similarly, you may refer to this community post about creating home page for space.


Anne Calantog


Hi @acalantog,

Thank You for your answer :slight_smile:
I’ve already found a way to archive my goals :slight_smile:

First I create a new space, then I get the ID of the automatically created homepage and update the content of that page :slight_smile:

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Hi @f.pascariello,

Awesome! Glad you found a way to go around it.


@f.pascariello - I am struggling to get the HomePageID using rest API for Confluence Cloud. Can you please suggest way for achieving this. I have created script that creates Space and adds the Pages. While doing I am checking if a particular Space is present. If yes then I skip the Space creation part and only do Page creation.

Hello, @f.pascariello

Could you support me in what ways did you create a space in confluence through the Api? please