Is it safe to use the New Issue View modules in production add-ons?

Hi! At the time of the new issue view Aplha program we couldn’t use Connect descriptors with the new modules (such as jiraIssueContents and jiraIssueGlances) for Jira instances which did not participate in the Alpha. Therefore we didn’t apply these new modules to our production Marketplace add-on.

I assume by now it is safe to use these new modules in Marketplace add-ons, and even the customers who do not have the New Issue View will still be able to use the add-on.

Is it correct? Can we add the jiraIssueContents and jiraIssueGlances to our Marketplace add-on descriptors (while keeping the old webPanels in it for compatibility too)?

Thank you!

Hey @k.menshov,
we are using jiraIssueGlances module in one of our Apps descriptors for quite a while now, all without a problem. Here’s the descriptor:

I hope it helps

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Thanks, @vit, it does! I’m relieved then. )

Hi @k.menshov,

This should be pretty safe. If you encounter any problem, do let us know.


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Hi Anne,
thank you, will do (hopefully not :)).

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