Is Scheduling events via SAL still supported or recommended?

I need to write a service to read data from external source and convert them into Jira issues, which will be executed on planned time on daily basis.
Judging by the documentation, “Scheduling events via SAL” seems to be a right solution:
However, when I dig into it, I meet couple of issues:

  1. PluginJob is marked as Deprecated.
  2. “component-import” update instruction for atlassian-plugin.xml is not supported (atlas-mvn refuse to compile it).

So I got quite confused - Is the mechanism described in above article still recommended, or even valid? Are there better alternatives?
Sorry I’m new to plugin development so this maybe known issue… many thanks.

as you metioned PluginJob is not recommened any more.
Please take a look at this document where you can find a way how to schedule tasks and backgroud processes.

Hope this helps,