Is the Connect on Forge approach allowed in Codegeist 2021?

Forge still has some limitations and we would like to know if we can workaround them using some connect modules to “polyfill” the missing features we’d like to use.
Is that allowed?



Polyfill is an interesting analogy. We would love to have people building Connect on Forge apps. Yes, that will be allowed.


This sounds great, but correct me if I’m wrong, connect on forge is not available yet if you want to get your app on the Marketplace.

Or maybe that’s just for migrating existing connect apps to forge??

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Thanks for your reply @ibuchanan being able to use some connect features would help us.
But @david makes a great point… It’s been about a year since Connect on Forge alpha was released. Is there any ETA for marketplace support?


Just as a clarification to make sure you’re on the right path that meets your objective, you have a choice here but with the current state of the Connect to Forge Alpha, there are quite a few limitations.Beyond being in Alpha, there are some significant limitations to Forge+Connect apps (see including the fact that not all Connect modules are supported on Forge yet and also that there are limitations on how data can be shared between Forge and Connect. For example, if you use Forge for the data store, that data will not be easily accessible to the Connect portion of your app, as we are still working on building out the OAuth bridge between Connect and Forge.As @david pointed out, we also do not support listing of Connect harmonized apps on Marketplace yet. We are actively working on it, but it will not align well with Codegeist timelines.As such, for Codegeist, we recommend building apps completely on Forge, and only using Connect as a last resort.

In general, we would prefer to see creative usage of the Forge platform and workarounds within that context (where possible) and feedback on the limitations you encounter so we might improve it, rather than falling back to Connect.