Is the "Free tools to support your customers" program still effective?

Atlassian used to offer free tools for Marketplace vendors having at least one paid add-on, as described on the following page:

I have raised a request to get the free tools (exactly as described in the page mentioned above) but did not get any response for over a month.

Anyone knows if the program is still active?



You should be able to get started without any support from Atlassian, by going to this sign-up page:,jira-software.ondemand,jira-servicedesk.ondemand,jira-core.ondemand&developer=true

Thanks @remie,

I wasn’s precise enough. What I asked for is a set of production instances, as opposed to development set available through the link you posted.

The difference is described in the page I linked previously:

In order to get the free production licenses, one must raise a JSD ticket at

Unfortunately, no one from Atlassian answered to my request.


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Had the same experience. It has been 2 months since I created a ticket with no response still. I think I stopped expecting any response at this point :slight_smile:

Hoping that somebody like @pvandevoorde @acalantog or @nmansilla might be able to answer the question…