Is there a development document specifically designed to adapt existing server plug-ins to the mobile web interface?

Now I want to make my Confluence server plug-in JavaScript adapt to the mobile web page, I have been able to correctly introduce JavaScript into the mobile web context, and JS runs without problems. We know that a similar AJS.params.xxxx can be used to get spatial or other property information for the client when developing, but when the plug-in runs on the mobile web, AJS.params is not available, which is an empty Object, what is the way to get client information on the mobile phone web? (like AJS.params.spaceKey, AJS.params.pageId,etc)

This is the web-resource module in atlassian-plugin.xml:

This is the entrance of the JavaScript:

Since no helpful documentation has been found, I guess there are three directions at the moment:

  1. Existing front-end properties such as AJS or ConfluenceMobile may be able to get client information?
  2. It may be a resource dependency problem for the web-resource module, and there may be a web dependency that I do not know about.
  3. May be required by a back-end program to assist in obtaining client information, such as: according to the current URL of the pageId to the back-end to get its spaceKey or something else?

Thank you.

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