Is there a RESTful API for managing plugins in the marketplace?

I’d really like to automate the compatibility entry of my plugin. My plugin is pretty simplistic and only for Confluence so I’m thinking:

If it compiles and passes tests the current version should be acceptable. If not I have work to do.

Only piece I’m missing is the PUT to update the marketplace.

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Hi @justin_shapiro, the latest REST API is designed for automation of the basic management tasks for your add-ons and your account. The API doc is here, and you can get to the Intro / basic concepts / tuts from there as well:

Hope this helps, -nick

One thing I forgot to add: the doc overview for various pom and descriptor xml files, including compatibility, is here:


Great, thanks! I found the field I want in the addons endpoint. it accepts a POST. makes me think it’s only geared towards new addons or new versions of addons. can I use it to update an existing addon? and fields with a * are required?

You shouldn’t have to recompile your addon though. In most cases you will be backwards compatible. I would strongly suggest not recompiling on every version since the Marketplace will show “Compatible with Confluence 6.2.3 and other versions” instead of “Compatible with Confluence 6.1.0-6.2.3 and other versions”.

Not clear on what you’re saying. Every time a new version of confluence comes out i get requests to support the new version. i compile the code against the new version to ensure there are no breaking changes and when there aren’t (I almost never have to change anything) i login and modify the latest version of my addon to support the new version. As much as i enjoy getting emails from around the world I’d like to automate this task. If my plan is flawed what do you suggest?

It sounded (and this is where I might be wrong) that you were going to compile and upload a new version for every time there is a new version:
Your version JIRA Version
1.0.700 7.0.0
1.0.701 7.0.1
1.0.702 7.0.2

I would be careful about doing that approach since the Marketplace ui really isn’t set up for that.

The marketplace should already be updating for the patch versions automatically (and if that’s not happening - I would drop in a request to the marketplace team). For Bitbucket it’s even better where it’s updating the compatibility automatically for the minor versions as well.

Oh, yeah, no haven’t created a new version in over a year. I just want to update the “Compatible to” field associated with a released version.