Is there a way to minify the AUI 8?

Is there a way to minify the AUI 8 ?

Hi @mantadakise,

How are you consuming AUI? Are you building a Cloud or a Server app?

The assets in AUI’s P2 plugin for Server apps will be minified when the Server product is in a production mode. They will be unminified in development mode. You can toggle between the modes; either use Quickreload’s controlling of web batching feature in your development environment, or otherwise start the product in production mode. Each product’s getting started developer guide on should advise how to do that for the specific product.

If you’re building Cloud apps, it’s up to you how you import AUI’s assets. The files in AUI’s dist/ folder are already minified. If you’re using a CDN like unpkg to load AUI, it should only be a matter of loading the appropriate file from this directory.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @daz!

I was looking for the Cloud apps . thanks !