Is there a way to set the options for multiple issue fields dynamically from an external API?

Hello everyone,

three issue fields (single select) are needed for a cloud plugin that is being developed with Atlassian Connect. These fields are defined in the atlassian-connect.json file. The options for the issue fields are to be set by an external API.

If a value is selected in the first issue field, the options for the second issue field should be loaded depending on the value in the first issue field. If a value is selected for the second issue field, the options for the third issue field should also be loaded depending on the selected value in the second issue field.

The Jira REST API methods do not provide the ability to redefine all options (Only customise/create individual ones). Am I right about that? Also, I haven’t found a way to load the options dynamically. Can someone help there?

Thank you in advance!

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having worked a lot with custom fields, I think you’re not going to have a good time with Connect as your framework.

It lacks support for some of the tasks you have specified, such as dynamic loading of options. Currently, all options have to be read from Atlassian’s API (Get issue field options). Deleting options is also not a trivial task as it requires you to first remove that option from all issues (which is a long running task) and then when it’s done, to remove the option itself. A better way of handling that is making options not selectable.

My suggestion, if you’re not too deep in development, is to consider Forge as your framework. It has much better support for custom fields and Connect is not getting that much new features and old ones are being deprecated without replacements.

With Forge, I’m pretty sure you could get everything you specified in your post.

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