Is there an API to add user customers to a JSD project?


Is there an API where I can add customers and add them to a particular project/servicedesk of my choice?

Thank you

I found this API

POST /rest/servicedeskapi/servicedesk/{serviceDeskId}/customer

I managed to get the serviceDeskId.



I’m given the ‘Id’ and ‘ProjectId’. Question is, is it the ‘Id’ that I need to use or ‘ProjectId’?

We have:

  • Users (internal users) who have customer access to other projects.
  • Customers who are external and also have access to other projects.

My other question is can I add either a user or customer using this API? Is there a difference between the 2?

Thank you

Added screenshots. Customers have customer accounts. Users have atlassian accounts

I managed to find the answers. For the serviceDeskId you use the ‘Id’.
You can indeed add either a user or customer to the servicedesk. Doesn’t matter if the accountType is ‘atlassian’ or ‘customer’.

Just need to add the ‘accountId’ and it will work