Is there an api to get all the repositories belonging to my company/team


I am seeing a lot of bitbucket server api but I can’t find any info about bitbucket cloud api. I am looking for an api that will help me get all the existing repositories that my team currently have. does bitbucket have such api?

looks like I should be able to get the repositories with this api below but iam not getting anything, I am just getting the response below.


response: {“pagelen”: 10, “values”: [], “page”: 1, “size”: 0}

@hevangelista I will look into this and see what I find

When I try this I am getting all my team repos back. You are using the correct API Not sure why are you are not. I also ran this by someone at bitbucket as well and they are also getting the proper response. Are you using JWT? An add-on (if using JWT) is going to act as the team which is an admin and can see the repos for that team.