Is there any API to retrieve the list of sprints in a month?

I am looking for a JIRA API that gives me the list of sprints in a month.

Sorry to mention, I am looking for a CLOUD API.

Hi @prathyusha.gali,

When you say “sprints in a month,” do you mean sprints that have start dates in a month? End dates in a month? Sprints that were active during the course of a month? In general sprints aren’t organized this way and aren’t searchable by date. The API provides sprints on a per-board basis: /rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}/sprint. So you would need to iterate through all the boards and then you can aggregate the sprints however you like on your side.

Once you’ve done this you can subscribe to the sprint_created webhook to receive notifications when new sprints are created.

Thank you @dmeyer, the above mentioned API is returning 50 results. How to set the maxResults attribute to the desired number in this case?

The Atlassian REST API’s are paginated; you should use the startAt parameter to make multiple requests to extract all of the data one page at a time. You can also set the maxResults parameter to be higher but it still has an upper limit that you can’t cross.

Will the API: /rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}/sprint support JQL?