Is there any Forge add on available for Java?


I am new to Jira Cloud and have been going through Atlassian Connect and Atlassian Forge tutorials for creating a web application. I found that, like Jira Data Centers, we can create applications in Spring boot and use Spring Boot Connect starter to convert Spring Boot microservice into a Connect add-on. I was wondering if some framework of the sort is available for Atlassian Forge as well?


The forge platform is built on top of AWS lambda. Which means that technically, it could support all languages that are available on AWS lambda.

However, there is an additional abstraction layer, the forge runtime, created by atlassian, that is built using NodeJS. That means that currently, only NodeJS is supported on Forge.

Atlassian might add support for other languages that are available on AWS lambda in the future, but for now that does not seem to be on the roadmap


Hi @remie,

Can you please clarify one thing… will we be able to use Express JS as it is based on node.js?

Not sure, never tried it. My guess is that you will run into troubles due to the sand boxed environment of the forge runtime.

See also Can we use express js as middleware in Forge? - #2 by remie

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