Is there any method to get issues "general" info with jira sdk?

I want to know is there any method can help me get the “general” info
I’m now using jiraClient.Issues.GetIssueAsync(issueKey) function to get the return result,but It doesn’t return ant general column as I seen

But I wan to get the “Banned on Production” in general

If there is any method can help just tell me

Thank you very much

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @ccps934121!

Upon checking, jiraClient.Issues.GetIssueAsync(issueKey), this does not look like one of Jira Server’s Java APIs. In order for us to help you better, when you said “Jira SDK” what SDK were you referring to?

Digging further, jiraClient.Issues.GetIssueAsync(issueKey) looks like it is coming from the open-sourced Atlassian.NET SDK (which is not an Atlassian-supported SDK). If you are indeed using this SDK, have you tried getting this custom field’s value via

var issue = await jiraClient.Issues.GetIssueAsync("TEST-1");

// This should retrieve the custom field Banned on Production's value
var myFieldValue = issue["Banned on Production"];