Is there any way to add "macros" to Jira issue descriptions?

Basically, my problem is to be able to pre-process the description/comments content in order to add there an embedded SVG (for instance). I’m developing a plugin for Confluence/Jira cloud, by using “connect”.

In Confluence it is very easy, because I just use a dynamic content macro and I return the rendered content. Clean and easy.

But now I’m trying to do the same on Jira description and/or comments, and I cannot figure out which kind of item can I use in order to get the similar behavior.

Thank you in advance.

JIRA does not have Macros. However, JIRA does have Issue Tab Panels and Web Panels for the right-hand sidebar of the view issue page. Maybe one of those will meet your need?

To see an example of:

This feature request is tracking at, however we don’t have plans to add this to our roadmap in the foreseeable future.

No, I’m afraid it is not enough.

What I need is to embed images, and those images are described in plain text. Macros are the ideal way to do that, because they can be embedded inside other code.

By using Entity Property Tool I would create a dependency on a system that won’t satify me or even the users, so I prefer to avoid to have to maintain it in the future.

Thank you anyways.

That is exactly what I need so I’ll be watching.

I’m afraid my plugin won’t be available to Jira until that issue is resolved.

Thank you very much.