Is there any way to close DatePicker(AP.jira.openDatePicker)?

Hello. I’m trying to use AP.jira.openDatePicker in my amazing application.

It’s calls awesome native DatePicker (or DateTimePicker, depends on options). But, as I understood, there is no control to close it programmatically. And it is frustrating, because it is a very cool and easy to use thing.
Does anyone know some event to close DatePicker programmatically? Does it mean that the only solution for this is to create own DateTimePicker with same functionality?

I’ve looked at AtlassKit DateTimePicker React Component , but unfortunately I’m not using React for my application. Also haven’t seen TimePicker functionality in AUI library .

Some time ago @rwhitbeck suggested other developer to start with jQuery UI Datepicker and style it to match Atlassian Design Guidelines .

Well. The question is: is there is some way to close native DatePicker programmaticaly? If not, does it mean that this little thing force developers to re-implement DateTimePicker widget and use Atlassian Guidelines as ethalon?

There is no problem to re-implement DateTimePicker, but I have a thought that may be it’s the wrong path.

I’ll appreciate any information. Thanks.