Is there any way to get access to the project shared configuration?

Hi Community,
I have a question. We plan to introduce one more layer of schemes. And it is vital to integrate them with the Jira’s project shared configuration.

Is there any elegant way to catch the ProjectCreated event and get information about the used project shared configuration without great hacking? We need to get information about the project which was selected for using its configuration as shared.

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Vadim Rutkevich

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I think I’d like to do the same. Did you manage to do it?


Unfortunately, no. We were hoping to get an answer here.

You should just be able to write a class with a method that looks like this, yes?

public void onEvent(ProjectCreatedEvent event) {
    // hack around in here
    // event.getProject() should resolve to the affected project.

We will check.

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Good luck, happy to help if you need more intel.