Is there any way to improve the performance of the development JIRA instance?


I’ve been developing JIRA server plugins for a couple of years now. In all this time, I’ve worked using the instances that the Atlassian’s SDK runs for me, which are painfully slow.

I always assumed that the reason for the low performance was that the development instance used a local H2 database.

I’ve always worked with a pretty good server, so I know it’s not due to lack of resources.

But, yesterday, I tried to fix these performance problems by creating a regular postgreSQL database and connecting it to the development JIRA instance created by the SDK. To my surprise, the performance didn’t improve, not even a little. The development instance was working as it has always done.

Now, that is confusing. If the issue is not with the local H2 db nor with the capacity of the server it is running in, any ideas of what the root of the awful performance might be? Has anyone been able to fix this?

I can strongly recommend moving away from the Atlassian SDK for running Jira. We use Docker for our local development, you can check out our setup here: GitHub - collabsoft-net/example-jira-app-with-docker-compose: This is an example project aimed at demonstrating how to use the official Atlassian Jira Software docker container ( when developing P2 apps for Server/Data Center

Three things you can do:

  • Turn off development mode by setting environment variable: ATLAS_OPTS=""
  • Give the JVM more memory (in your atlas-run command): --jvmargs ‘-Xmx4G’
  • Avoid DNS roundtrip by using localhost (in your atlas-run command): --server localhost

Kudos to Up to Eleven - Amplify Your Development Setup for Atlassian Server and Data Center | K15t where most of these suggestions came from.

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