Is there plan for Issue Card UI component for future release?

Hello, first of all forge is awesome and I love the simplicity! Great developing experience.

Wanted ask forge/ui development team regarding Issue Card on kanban board and Issue Item on backlog. I understand that these aren’t available UI components at the moment and issue card layout is somewhat customizable from board setting itself. However, with current Jira UI for when issue card layout is set to display time tracking values (original estimated time & logged times) and progress, there seems to be no ways for developers to customize them to be displayed as more graphical ways such as subtasks progress bar, unless developing a whole page with Atlassian Connect Express to clone the features.

If the forge team has plan to release such component in future, this would help tremendously on developing custom UI for issue cards and enhance board and backlog UI.


Hey Milo!

Currently, we don’t support this extensibility option, although we are actively unlocking new extension points regularly. I’ve passed your feedback on to the responsible team, and you can track it here on the public Forge feedback board:

Hope this helps.