Issue Field of Dynamic Module got disappear

Hi Experts,

I am using REST API to create Issue Field using dynamic module. I have few static issue fields also in atlassian-connect.json file. Once customer update atlassian-connect.json file automatically Issue Field got disappear which is created by dynamic module API

I found some note in the below link:
If an app is uninstalled and installed again, all of its registered modules are restored.

If a new version of the app defines modules statically that conflict with dynamically registered modules, all the app’s dynamically registered modules are removed. This action enables the new version to be installed. An example of a conflict between a dynamically and statically registered module is where they use the same key.

Reference Link:

Can some help me what can be conflict here?
how can I make visible again those Issue fields as it has some important data?

Register modules dynamically

API : POST /rest/atlassian-connect/1/app/module/dynamic

    "jiraIssueFields": [
        "key": "dynamic-custom-field",
        "type": "number",
        "name": {
          "value": "Custom number field"
        "description": {
          "value": "This is a dynamically registered custom number field"

@kkercz @danielwester @rmassaioli @aagrawal2 need help here?

Hi @dchouksey89

Let me reach out to the product team about this issue.

@aagrawal2 Kindy check this. It is critical issue as all issue fields and data got disappear for all issues because of conflict.

I have created ticket in developer help portal.

I am not able to to find what is conflict and I used all unique key for jiraIssueFields module.