Issue Integrating Atlaskit Select Component within Dynamic Table Column

Hi, I’ve encountered an issue where the Select Component, when integrated within Dynamic Table, does not function as expected. The main problem is that the Select Component does not open or is not fully interactive when it is placed inside a cell of the Dynamic Table. Specifically, the dropdown does not activate or show options when clicking directly on the text of the Select Component. However, it does open and show options as expected when clicking directly on the arrow icon within the Select Component.

@atlaskit/dynamic-table”: “14.14.0”
@atlaskit/select”: “17.0.4”

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or solutions you can provide to resolve this issue. Thank you for your support.

Hey @tetianakliuieva thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I’ve confirmed this issue by reproducing it in this Codesandbox:

I can raise a bug ticket for this. Sidenote, but another thing that I realised is that it will open when right-clicked, even if not clicking directly on the arrow icon. I haven’t quite figured out what’s causing this yet.

What are you trying to achieve with the Select in the DynamicTable? I’m wondering if there could potentially be a way where you could use DropdownMenu as an alternative solution?


Thanks for your answer! DropdownMenu component served as an effective workaround.