Issue moving from one project to other project

HI Team
I have a use case, Where tickets gets copied from project “A” to project “B”. when tickets is moved to a particular status, lets say “X” status in project “A”.
I would like to know how can I map which ticket has reached the status “X” in project “A” and the corresponding ticket copy created in project “B”

Is it possible to write API and get this Map

Hi @YellalinghMargonda,

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Is it correct that you only want to know which issues have reached the same status? You can use a JQL for that: “status = X and project = A or project = B”

Or do you want to build something that is more automated? Hint: describe your use case a bit more, that makes it easier to help you. Are you building an app? Are you scripting a bit? Etc.


HI @anon28347317
I am aware that tickets in particular status can be filter by JQL in API.
Preconditions for ticket coping in new project

  1. Project A and project B have the same workflow
  2. Ticket in project A has reached a particular status and copied in project B,copied ticket in project B is in the beginning of the workflow, i.e it is just created. Project A will have the original ticket.
    above two process are automated in jira now.

My question is how can I know ticket Id from project A and corresponding copy ticket ID created in Project B. I want to know in other wards how can I map the original ticket from project A and copy ticket from project B.
let me know if there is an api which can give me this map