Issue Request Type not sent on issue create webhook from JSD Portal


We have noticed that we are no longer receiving the request type identifier as part of the Jira issue created webhook when requests are raised via the JSD Portal. Instead we’re receiving a permission error as part of the fields list.

When we receive a webhook create event we parse the JSON looking for a custom field with a requestType key in the issue fields list. When we find a field with the key we then parse out the id and some other details for processing.

It looks like we no longer receive this and instead are receiving what appears to be a permission error instead. Below is an example payload from my test instance that we now receive in place of the request type data. In my case the custom field for Request Type is customfield_10013.

      "customfield_10013" : {
        "errorMessage" : "The action performed required a logged in user. Please log in and try again.",
        "i18nErrorMessage" : {
          "i18nKey" : "sd.admin.servicedesk.error.authenticated.user.required",
          "parameters" : [ ]

This is preventing ProForma from functioning correctly on classic service desk projects. Our customers are starting to raise support issues with us.

Is this change going out to all instances, and can the change made to cause this be reverted?

In the meantime, are there any steps we can take to remedy this ourselves or advise our customers?

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Hi @davidm – thanks for reporting this. We’ve now turned off the feature flag that caused this. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing any issues.


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Thank you @aray2. We really appreciate how quickly the team was able to respond to this issue.