Issue search bar with ADG3


This question is similar to this one, however, the topic is slightly different.

We have on our app a filter bar very similar to the “old Jira” one:

Now, we are starting to use AtlasKit and we’ve found components like this:

The component looks very nice, but not when trying and using it on a filter bar like the one above. Also, I’ve realised that both Jira Cloud and Server, even using the new ADG3 style, they are still using the same AUI buttons and dropdowns, but just with the new style applied.

So the question: is there any plan to rethink the current filter bar in terms of using AtlasKit components? What would be the guideline for that?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Hello @vpelizza,

This is great that you are using Atlaskit and hope you have a nice experience so far.

Couple of questions regarding your queries:

  • What kind of plugin (connect or P2) you are building?
  • Are you replicating it within your own UI, or integrating within the existing one?

Currently, there is not filter bar in terms of using Atlaskit components.

it sounds more a question for Jira Cloud / Server if they plan to build a new search bar filter using AK components.


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Hey @rbellebon,

Thanks for your response, I appreciate the feedback.

To answer your questions, our add-on is a test management add-on for Jira, and our entities (test cases etc…) are not Jira issues. That’s why we are kind of replicating Jira’s filter instead of integrating.

We’ve tried to use the checkbox multiselect for each filter button, but I don’t know, it looks a bit weird given it’s a filter rather than a form, for example. Also, it would look a bit different than the other filters e.g. filter by date.

Anyway, I’ve posted a question using Jira Cloud / Server tags to check whether they are planning to write the filter using AtlasKit.

Any recommendation here is welcome.


Hi @vpelizza,

If you’re providing the entire UI, definitely use Atlaskit components rather than trying to use Jira ones (they’ll all migrate to AK eventually). If you’re in a filter bar, you probably want to be using the PopupSelect variant of the Select component:

It’s still quite new and we’ll be rolling out some improvements to that variant in the coming weeks. Currently there’s a blocking issue with the isMulti variant of it, and there’s a bit of plumbing required to update the trigger with the selected values. It’s not shown in our examples, but it’s based off of the one on the react-select page here: https://deploy-preview-2289–

TLDR: more to the AK components, and keep an eye on the @atlaskit/select changelog for updates :slight_smile:


Hey @scurtis,

Awesome, thanks for the feedback.

Great, I think what we are looking for is basically a combination of this experimental one with the checkbox-select, so we can have multiple items and a single dropdown button with a dynamic name. That would be similar to what Jira have currently in place, and it makes sense to me in terms of using it on a filter bar.

Anyway, thank you very much and I’ll be watching the repo for changes. But yeah, we will definitely go towards using React and AtlasKit :slight_smile: