Issue search not finding API created issues

I created an issue via the API using my credentials, which worked fine. However, if I want to search for this issue later I am not able to find it.
I created a Test Issue which is visible in my Jira Project and I am searching using

After I click/open the issue in the Jira Project I am able to find it using the same api call.
Why can I not find it without the step of having to open the project on a desktop and click on the issue?

Hi @dominique.munten !
Looks like You are unable to authentication. Are You used basic credentials when create issue?
This my example how I got basic auth with groovy:


  • Get list of spaces after auth.
  • @param url - url to connect confluence
  • @param auth - login/pass on base64
  • @retun Set of key spaces in confluence (Warning default limit is 500!)
    Set spacesKey(String url, String auth){
    def getLS = url.toURL().openConnection()
    def spaces = [] as Set
    getLS.with {
    requestMehod = ‘GET’
    setRequestProperty(“Authorization”, “Basic ${auth}”)
    new JsonSlurper().parseText(content.text).results.each {
    return spaces

And auth string:

String authString = “${username}:${uspass}”.getBytes().encodeBase64().toString()

I do use the basic authentication (username and password) to create the issue. However, creating the ticket is possible, I can see it on my desktop Jira page. The problem is that after creating I cannot search for it, until I click on the issue.

Hm, Cloud didn’t reindex until click :thinking:
Try change query to same JQL.

using JQL I still don’t get the right results