Issue security APIs for non-classic projects supports fetching the issue security level members only for classic projects. Are there APIs we can use for fetching membership for non-classic projects that allow per issue security (team managed projects for example)?

EDIT: this answer was meant for Issue security level members API for jira server

The link you have shared points to version 3 of the Jira Cloud REST API, which is currently in BETA. There are a lot of improvements and additions to this API that are only available in Cloud, as Jira Server is still on version 2 of the REST API. For feature parity between Server and Cloud, you can best rely on the version 2 REST API of Cloud, or implement a polyfill of missing endpoints in Jira Server in your own Server app.

hi can you clarify the answer? Are these APIs supported for version 2 of the API for non-classic projects? I also didnt see any corresponding api for Jira server version 2

Sorry, what I meant to say was that you are looking at the new and improved Jira REST API (version 3), which is currently only available for Cloud.

The version 2 REST API does not include any such endpoint and does not provide you with the ability to get this information. This is both true for Server and Cloud.

If you wish to have the same feature in Server, you will have to create this yourself by leveraging the Java API and creating a REST API endpoint that returns the same type of information provided by the version 3 API.